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A First Hello!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Living in Morecambe is balm for the soul....hurray for the bay

I became a recent resident of #Morecambe. As recent as just before the #pandemic hit and lockdown locked us down. I thought my first blog would acknowledge my absolute appreciation for the coast here. It has been restorative, inspirational, my companion while churning thoughts, a place to offer and receive a distant "hello" from passers-by, my scenic treadmill, my constant and accessible joy.

“Beauty Surrounds and Health Abounds.”

As the saying goes. And too true. While we have all done our best to remain untouched by the virus, we have also needed to nurture our #mentalhealth. The bay has been that place to walk to that recalibrates the brain. That calming view.

The Tide is Turning

It seems only fair that a place that offers so much to so many has an increasingly positive profile and more prominent spot on the map. It has already seen the creative and entrepreneurial input of members of the artistic community devising inclusive events and workshops for locals and visitors alike.

It has become a go to destination for filming locations. It has seen investment in restoration and on the horizon there is the #edenprojectnorth which will be transformative and impactful. The opportunities this will provide will not only encourage investment in the area, but will also enhance civic pride, which in itself is a priceless outcome.

So, in homage to the bay I have created artworks that combine elements of my photography and words of optimism for the future of the area.

Giclee prints are available A4 or A3 size and are carded and cello wrapped

For artwork enquiries email or use the contact form on this website

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Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones
Apr 29, 2021

You are absolutely in the right place and you have captured it perfectly in words and images. Bravo x

Apr 29, 2021
Replying to

Felicity thank you so very much for this. It means the world. Loved our very recent discussion about being grateful for where we are on the map. So true! x

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