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Type & Face are delighted to be involved in telling the story of this remarkable meeting of creative minds. To have the opportunity to help market the launch and ongoing evolution of this project is a truly inspiring place to be.


Please read on, watch our teaser film, follow the link, explore and enjoy!


If you were sent a link, what would you anticipate finding at the other end of it?  

Would you expect to step into a space where you could walk through the pages of a book, watch a film, speak to artists, book yourself on a live tour and climb a mountain all without leaving the comfort of your own home?  

So, to launch of the En-Riched Studio Experience by ceramic artists Martin and Siobhan Miles-Moore and Rich Stevens, Digital Designer. 

Born out of a joyous meeting of like minds and in response to the question, 'how can our pots tell their story'  it illustrates what happens when creativity is given the room to breathe and to evolve organically.  

You are encouraged to explore their art, process, collaborations, and inspirations. It welcomes you to an entity that showcases people, place, and space. 

Siobhan explains: “We wanted to create an experience of visiting us at Brathay Hall, when you cannot visit, to create a location for sales and commission conversations that has more heart than a more traditional online transaction. We want people who visit to feel a sense of having connected with us and the place that inspires, nourishes and houses us”. 

By simply following the link, you enter an online venue with a soothing ambience. You embark, at your leisure, on a tour of experiences. One that invites you to explore. So remarkable that an online platform can offer such a sense of discovery.  

You can view and purchase the works on show in the Gallery and even book a live appointment with the artists to discuss commissions and have a one-to-one guided tour.  

Along with the Gallery the space includes the Confluence Room which captures the concept of a collaborative book. Also included are a cinema room, and a working pottery studio.  

Excitingly, this is an ever-evolving world with further developments being lovingly constructed.  

Rich Stevens of Design Real elaborates on what you can expect to find in the future ongoing.

“Like any new home we have plans to expand. We are currently building an EAST MEETS WEST room in which we learn about what inspires Martin's work. Once restrictions lift, we will be able to travel to locations from which the raw materials come. This will complete the Origins / Discovery room where you can see the process from digging the ground to final work of art. 

We are experimenting with Augmented Reality too, so you can view pieces in your own home.  Initially for commission pieces it will offer a fantastic opportunity to share the work as it evolves”. 

It truly is a destination of choice. One that is open to you whenever you want to escape to a creative and inspirational location. It is online curation that is people and sensory focussed. It wants to welcome and nourish you. Enjoy.  


Martin and Siobhan Miles-Moore are award-winning ceramic artists working from their studio in Ambleside. They create ceramics influenced by the Eastern philosophy of beauty, dining ware for Michelin star kitchens and sculptures inspired by the local landscape using foraged and found materials.


Rich Stevens is a pioneering digital designer and creative director of Design Real who nurtures ideas and hand builds them in to immersive experiences.  Be it conceptual product, automotive or user experience design, his curiosity driven work ethic offers boundless potential. 

We can supply media for printed publications and digital feeds. Interviews can also be arranged with the collaborators in the online space.

For press or general enquiries email or use the contact form on this website

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